Indonesian Journal of Information Systems (IJIS)

Double-Blind Reviewing

The review process for ICIST will be double-blind, i.e. reviewers will not know the authors’ identity (and vice versa). Authors should ensure their anonymity in the submitted papers. In brief:

  • Authors’ names and affiliations should not be included in the submitted paper; this includes acknowledgments, appreciation, etc., if any.
  • A reviewer may be able to deduce the authors’ identities by using external resources, such as technical reports published on the web. The availability of information on the web that may allow reviewers to infer the authors’ identities does not constitute a breach of the double-blind submission policy.

ICIST 2022 Author Guidelines for Publication in IJIS

Authors of ICIST 2022 who are interested in publishing an article in the Indonesian Journal of Information Systems (IJIS) must ensure that their submission complies with all the items listed below. Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will be returned to the authors.

  1. The article should be formatted according to IJIS template and submit it through the EDAS submission system (EDAS Link).
  2. Authors are allowed to submit regular articles or review articles. The article must fall within the scientific scope of IJIS.
  3. The submitted papers have never been published or are in the process of submission to other journals.
  4. The article should be original and should not have been previously published or be under consideration by other journals.
  5. The submission file is on the format of .doc (must be .doc and NOT .docx), Microsoft Word with 10-15 pages. The title has been written with Times New Roman Bold as the font and size of 17, left aligned, unjustified, and with no indentation.
  6. The ICIST papers submitted to the Indonesian Journal of Information Systems (IJIS)  must have similarity level less than 20%.
  7. The submitted articles must follow the format below:
    • Font: Times New Roman; size: 11
    • Single line spacing writing
    • Paragraphs must be justified.
    • The first paragraph after section or subsection heading may not be indented, the next paragraph must be indented 5mm.
  1. References must adhere to IEEE format. It is proposed that Mendeley be used to handle citations. The minimum number of references required is 15 (fifteen), with 80% of those references originating from journals. It is also highly suggested to use recent references (less than 10 years sources) unless they are essential (more than 10 sources).
  2. An author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference and present the paper at the conference physically or online. The registration fee covers publication and conference costs (Registration link).
  3. This journal requires at least 1 Co-Author.
  4. The submitted article will be published in Regular Issue 2024.


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