Instructions for Session Chair

If you are chairing a session, please introduce the presenters, make sure that they do not exceed their timeĀ (7 minutes for offline presenters and 10 minutes for online presenters), and moderate the discussion (5 minutes for offline and online presenters).

During the discussion, there may be questions from the online audience. So please keep an eye on the Zoom session (or your co-chair or the technical staff who observe specifically the Zoom session) to see if someone raises hand or sends a question in the chat, and allow them to speak as well.

As the on-site presentations are streamed in Zoom, everybody must use a microphone. During the discussion, a microphone will be passed to those who have questions. If this should not work, please repeat the question, so that the online audience can hear it. If questions are asked via Zoom chat, please read them so that the on-site audience (and the speaker) can hear them, too.