Jurnal Informatics, Telecommunication, and Electronics (INFOTEL)

Double-Blind Reviewing

The review process for ICIST 2022 will be double-blind, i.e. reviewers will not know the authors’ identity (and vice versa). Authors should ensure their anonymity in the submitted papers. In brief:

  • Authors’ names and affiliations should not be included in the submitted paper; this includes acknowledgments, appreciation, etc., if any.
  • A reviewer may be able to deduce the authors’ identities by using external resources, such as technical reports published on the web. The availability of information on the web that may allow reviewers to infer the authors’ identities does not constitute a breach of the double-blind submission policy.

ICIST 2022 Author Guidelines for Publication in Jurnal INFOTEL

Authors of ICIST 2022 who are interested in publishing an article in Jurnal INFOTEL must ensure that their submission complies with all the items listed below. Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will be returned to the authors.

  1. The article should be formatted according to Jurnal INFOTEL template and submit it through the EDAS submission system (EDAS Link).
  2. Authors are allowed to submit regular articles or review articles. The article must fall within the scientific scope of Jurnal INFOTEL.
  3. The article should be written in English. The length of submitted paper is at least 6 pages and no longer than 12 pages. At least 15 references with 80% coming from the original research article (journals).
  4. The article should be original and should not have been previously published or be under consideration by other journals.
  5. The content of the article should be organized as follows:
    1. Title : The title should be concise and indicate the identity of the subject, the research objectives, and keywords.
    2. Author name : The author’s name without academic degrees and not preceded by the word “by” followed by the name of the institution, address of institution and contact email.
    3. Abstract : Abstract should describe the entire content of the article with maximum of 250 word. It is not allowed references to figures and tables. it is written in a straightforward, concise, and must include:
      • Background (optional, one or two sentence)
      • Research objective
      • Method
      • Result
      • Conclusion
    4. Keyword : Use keywords can describe the content of article. It is written in 3 to 5 words.
    5. Introduction : Basically, in the introduction provides general background research, literature review (state of the art), originality of research (gap analysis), and research objectives. In the literature review, there are at least five articles reviewed briefly that can justify the novelty of the research.
    6. Method : In the methods section provides a summary of the methods used, such as the subjects studied, tools and materials used, model or design used, sampling technique, the measured variable, analysis and statistical models used.
    7. Result : In the results section contains the presentation of the results of research can be illustrated using tables or figures to clarify the presentation of the results verbally. The data presented is data that is processed, not raw data.
    8. Discussion : material discussion mainly concerned, whether the results are consistent with the hypothesis or not, and put forward the argument.
    9. Conclusion : write the conclusions of the research that has been done and future works. The conclusion must answer the purpose of the study or hypothesis. Write the conclusion briefly and clearly. Do not discuss again at the conclusion. Do not use Bullet / Numbering.
  6. Style referral source citations in INFOTEL Journal using IEEE style.
  7. ICIST 2022 papers submitted to Jurnal INFOTEL must have a maximum 20% similarity level.
  8. The copyright of accepted articles for publication is transferred to Jurnal INFOTEL. Copyright Transfer Form (link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_wrfS0FRRA_WGlRSEJOVmdRRGM/view?usp=sharing)
  9. An author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference and present the paper at the conference physically or online. The registration fee covers publication and conference costs (Registration link).
  10. Jurnal INFOTEL will publish the accepted and presented papers of ICIST 2022 in a regular publication.


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